Monday, 18 January 2010

Have You Heard About Smart Mouth?

Halitosis (a.k.a. BAD BREATH) is a real pain in the ass- whether you're the one who has it or you have to deal with someone who does, it's certainly unpleasant.

Unfortunately, most people aren't even aware of when their breath smells, which can create ridiculous amounts of paranoia... to the point where it becomes a mental condition (Halitophobia: the exaggerated fear of having bad breath)

Are you paranoid about having bad breath???

TRUST ME, I've been there and it is definitely a legitimate concern.

After a few hours of googling halitosis and its treatments, I found out about a mouthwash that guarantees fresh breath for 12 hours with each wash...

Smart Mouth mouthwash, £ 6.99

I couldn't believe it, and to be honest, I really thought it was a lie at first.

Now let me tell you, I'm a real skeptic about all these things... the amount of money that has gone down the drain from all these stupid advertising campaigns I've gotten sucked into is ridiculous, so I've finally learned the smart way to shop for new products- READ THE REVIEWS FIRST!

so anyway, I came across a lot of reviews about Smart Mouth and I found this really interesting youtube video about bad breath myths (check it out, its only a few minutes long)...

I can't believe it... ordinary mouth washes are alcohol-based and actually CAUSE bad breath in the long run- whatttt?!?!?!... that's insane! Just imagine the amount of garbage we put into our bodies thinking we're improving our health... unbelievable!

What's interesting about this product though is that they have a section on the website where you can read the BBB analysis that the Better Business Bureau's National Advertising Division put out on the claims made by Smart Mouth.

After reading all of this, I decided to give it a try... so I got myself a box and I've been using it for a few weeks now.

I can't even begin to tell you how happy I am with this product! It comes in 2 separate bottles and a little plastic cup... you pump each bottle 4 times into the cup so that you have equal amounts of both and then you rinse!

What makes Smart Mouth different from other mouthwashes is that it uses zinc ion technology to freshen your breath... it is alcohol-free, so you know it won't dry your mouth out either. I feel so much healthier and it definitely gives me a lot more confidence

Smart Mouth is available locally in the US but is a little bit more difficult to find in the UK... you can order it from this international drugstore online

**MaVeNeTTe apProVed**

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