Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Have You Heard About Atlas Orthogonal?

Most people walk around with a misaligned atlas and have no idea.

Do you ever experience chronic back pain shoulder, neck or facial pain fatigue/sluggishness insomnia frequent headaches/migraines hernia/slipped disk bad posturefibromyalgia nervous twitching shooting pain down the arms or legs hypertension chronic ear and sinus infections vertigodizziness trouble balancing anxiety joint problems (including TMJ) limp difficulties concentrating depressiondigestive problems?

if you said YES to any of the above symptoms, there is a chance your atlas is out of alignment.

The atlas is the first cervical vertebra of your spine, it is the bone at the top of your spine which supports the weight of your head--named after Greek mythological character Atlas, who carried the globe on his shoulders.

the human head weights about as much as a bowling ball... can you imagine the amount of pressure that puts on your atlas? and now imagine how much additional pressure is placed when your head is off center? your vertebral arteries provide blood to parts of your brain and spinal cord, so it is crucial to make sure they are in the correct place.

atlas misalignment may be a result of anything that has caused a whiplash (sports injuries, falls, car accidents, etc) or often times it can be a birth defect (in most cases the atlas can be misaligned if the doctor pulls you even slightly in the wrong direction during delivery)

sleeping on your stomach often worsens the condition, as it forces the neck out of place.

Did you know that having a misaligned atlas increases the risk of Multiple Sclerosis (MS)?

Thanks to recent technology, there has been a breakthrough in chiropractic healing:

Atlas orthogonists realign your atlas so that your head sits perfectly on top of your spine, allowing a healthy blood flow from your brain to the rest of your body, without any physical manipulation of your neck muscles (a.k.a. "popping" and "cracking" your neck)

now now, I know that for most people the entire thrill of going to the chiropractor's office is at the end when he or she CRACKS your neck into place... but, cracking your neck is actually one of the worst things you can do!

getting treatment restores your neck to its correct curved position

I first heard about atlas orthogonal this from a lady who suffered from severe misalignment... she referred me to Dr. Patrick Kerr, New York's only board certified atlas orthogonist.

I looked him up, and I found a clip of him on the Montel Williams show and an interview with him on The Doctors... so I decided to give it a shot!

at my first appointment, Dr. Kerr took x-rays of my head and neck and explained to me how my neck had been off center for the past 19 years, which explained more than half of the issues I had been having all my life!

he then began my treatment using a machine that sends a vibration through your body, realigning your spine... this procedure is completely noninvasive and pain-free-- in fact, I didn't even feel a thing!

I have been seeing Dr. Kerr for over a year now, and I have noticed a tremendous change in myself... I always feel an immediate difference when I get off the table. By the time I leave his office, my neck is perfectly aligned and I feel fantastic!... but if I'm not cautious of my habits and posture, it is not difficult to throw my neck back out of alignment...

When I started out I came in for adjustments twice a week, but now I have been able to hold my adjustment for months together. It's incredible how amazing I feel when I am balanced... I had no idea it was possible to feel so healthy!

within the first few weeks of treatment, I had multiple people saying things like "something is different about you, but I'm not sure what it is" and "your face is glowing... you look really good"... people noticed a difference in the way I walk and the way I carry myself

after I got adjusted, I found myself looking up higher and more people were noticing me because they were seeing my face and not the top of my head (especially considering most people I meet are taller than me!)

There were 2 incidences in particular that really shocked me... The first time was midway through treatment, when I felt my jaw fall to the right-

initially I freaked out and I told Dr. Kerr that I don't think I'll ever be able to smile again because my face felt crooked and my teeth didn't line up the same way... He just laughed and said everything would be fine in a few minutes... The moment I calmed down, I realized that my jaw didn't shift out of place, it fell right into place. This whole time my jaw was shifted to the left. It was pretty intense!

another time, after I left his office I found myself walking with a limp... again, I freaked out and got really scared... but when I paid close attention, I realized that I was putting equal weight on both legs--which means that I had been walking with a limp all my life and I didn't even realize it- that's why it felt so strange when I was finally walking properly!

Doctor Kerr is a miracle man who heals dozens of people a day... he has become quite famous and has a diverse celebrity clientele as well... He is based in New York city, but hopefully with the right amount of persuasion, his office will expand across the Atlantic and join us here in the UK!

Unfortunately, since AO is still a new concept and has not been properly introduced to Europe yet, so there are only two atlas orthogonists who are listed in Spain and Italy. For more information go to the atlas orthogonal website: www.globalAO.com
(for a list of the doctors nearest to you, click on the 'find a doctor' link at the top of the page)

If for some reason you are unable to locate an office near you, speak to the doctor to find you the best alternate form of healing to get your atlas back on straight (acupuncture is often recommended is a great alternative, so that's definitely something worth looking into!)

**MaVeNeTTe apProVed**

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