Sunday, 17 January 2010

Have You Heard About Bionova?

So all my life I have had the same sad story: a pretty face with terrible skin.

Until one day I walked into Barneys New York while looking for styling inspiration for a photoshoot and I was stopped by Nana, (only the coolest person ever!) who introduced me to a product that has changed my life.

Now there are thousands of products out there that promise you all kinds of rubbish, but not many that can back it up.

Nana looked at me and said "hunny, your skin is a 3 day job for me!" and right away I thought "yeahh yeahh, whatever!", but I was intrigued by her confidence and decided to give it a shot.

Now let me tell you, I had some pretty bad skin... lots of acne, oily t-zone, massive pores, redness, mild discoloration, and the list goes on! After I used Bionova's acne cleanser and acne cream activator, I kid you not, within two weeeks my skin was 100% clear! I felt an automatic difference after the first few washes- I would immediately see a GLOW in my skin.

Now, a year later, nobody can tell that I ever had any issues with my skin- it's amazingg!

The best part is that unlike any other product that I've used, my skin doesn't breakout if I miss a few days of my skincare routine. Once, I was traveling for a week and a half and I left my Bionova products at home... I was totally freaking out because I was terrified that I would have the worst skin ever by the time I got back. But I was completely shocked that my skin hadn't suffered at all! Now, I definitely don't recommend you go without your products, but if for any reason you do, you can rest assured that your skin won't suffer. My acne never came back!

Bionova uses nanotechnology to strengthen your skin, rather than stripping layers of it off (like most other products do- yes, even those "all natural, organic" ones too!)... I definitely recommend you read more about it on their website.

Bionova is sold in the US, but has recently launched across the Atlantic and is now available at Harrods and Peter Jones in the UK

**MaVeNeTTe apProVed**

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